What’s Your Story with Printmaker Jen Hewett


This week’s guest on What’s Your Story is artist and HR consultant, Jennifer Hewett. She’s a self taught artist and while she dabbles in many different mediums her main focus is printmaking. If you enjoy color, fabric, and watching an artist’s process I highly recommend you follow Jen on online (Instagram / Twitter / Facebook). She’s wonderful about sharing […]

What’s Your Story with Illustrator Chris Piascik

What's Your Story with Illustrator Chris Piascik

Happy New Year! We’re back with lots of great guests! And a Twitter handle! Woooo! Santa was generous! Find us at @WYSpodcast. I share episodes, other podcasts I like, and information on starting your own podcast. Follow us, and please say hello! This week’s guest is my friend, illustrator Chris Piascik, we sat down on New Year’s day and talked about how he […]

What’s Your Story with Artist & Weaver Erin M. Riley


A quick note about this week’s show, we talk in detail about nudity, sexting, and other topics that may make some people uncomfortable. While I don’t find any of what we speak about to be off color, the podcast does have an Explicit marker for a reason, :) This week on What’s Your Story, I […]