Tips & Tricks: Use Instagram to Showcase Products


I think it’s clear we all love Instagram. As artists, retailers, and crafters we’re spending more and more time there. We’re sharing what we’re up to, and what we’re making, but we’re also meeting new people, finding out about new work, new to us shops, and creating community. It’s increasingly becoming the main social networking site […]

What’s Your Story with Lisa Solomon

What's Your Story with Lisa Congdon

This week, I sit down with Oakland based artist Lisa Solomon. I asked Lisa to come on the show, not just because she’s a friend, but really because Lisa’s a great example of living a creative, artistic life while working in many different disciplines. One of the original reasons why I started this podcast was to […]

Tips & Tricks: Sharing Content on Instagram

Using Instagram's Website link to share your content.

If you have ever tried to post a link on Instagram you’ve noticed that it never renders as an active link, making it look like a garbled mess. For reasons I’m not totally clear on Instagram doesn’t allow links within the UX. I believe one reason is because they want your experience to be all about the […]

What’s Your Story with Artist Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire on What's Your Story with Meighan O'Toole

This week on What’s Your Story I sit down for a long overdue chat with artist Kate MccGwire. I met Kate back when I was running my old blog, and have done written Q&A’s with her, but have never interviewed her formally. We spoke this summer while she was getting ready for one of her […]