What’s Your Story with Artist & Weaver Erin M. Riley


A quick note about this week’s show, we talk in detail about nudity, sexting, and other topics that may make some people uncomfortable. While I don’t find any of what we speak about to be off color, the podcast does have an Explicit marker for a reason, :) This week on What’s Your Story, I […]

What’s Your Story with Artist Ben Venom


This week my guest is artist Ben Venom. Ben is best known for his quilts that incorporate heavy metal, punk rock, and other fringe elements. Although unaware of it at the time, Ben’s creative trajectory would change due to a singular event – a visit to the DeYoung Museum back in 2006. Ben had gone […]

Free Downloadables: Social Media Follow & Hashtag Cards

Free Downloadable Printouts - social media cards

How often do you ask your customers to follow you on social media, or encourage them to tag their purchases on Instagram? A lot can happen at the cash wrap, or while you’re getting shipments out  – and sometimes it’s just easy to forget. I often encourage my retail clients to create fun little cards […]

Tips & Tricks: Use Instagram to Showcase Products


I think it’s clear we all love Instagram. As artists, retailers, and crafters we’re spending more and more time there. We’re sharing what we’re up to, and what we’re making, but we’re also meeting new people, finding out about new work, new to us shops, and creating community. It’s increasingly becoming the main social networking site […]